What parents should know about head lice?

First, don’t panic! Head lice is a very common problem, especially in warm climates. Lice invade regardless of social status and personal hygiene. Most importantly, they like CLEAN hair not dirty, since it’s easier to attach to an uncoated hair shaft. The good news is that head lice do not cause any disease and can also be treated fairly easily with the right treatment and methods.

Cotton Candy Salon offers fast help for parents in the frustrating battle with lice infestation.

Our treatment is fast, confidential and guaranteed. Lice treatments are provided ONLY outside of working hours. Only one treatment with a followed up care is necessary to remove lice and nits from the hair. We work with products that are safe, natural and clinically proven to remove lice and their eggs (nits). We offer for purchase a safe after-treatment care, free advice, and check ups. Last but not least, our professional staff will make you feel comfortable and will take an amazing care of you and your family! For immediate response or to schedule a treatment, text any time: 321-482-9140.

How much does a professional lice treatment cost?

Price for treatment depends on length and thickness of hair / time spent to treat the hair. Average treatment lasts over an hour and costs $125. It includes all the treatment products and accessories. Repeat treatment within 3 weeks (which in most cases is not necessary if you follow up our after treatment care) costs $60. Please keep in mind that long or thick hair may take longer for the treatment to be completed which may reflect the price. We offer great sibling’s (family) discounts! Siblings 2-4 are 50% off.

“I want to do the treatment myself”

We have all products necessary. Please stop by, purchase the treatment and after treatment lice prevention. We offer free check ups for the whole family along with our professional advice at any time!

The facts about head lice

Head lice are parasites, that live in human hair. They have claws that help cling to the hair and can’t be brushed out. The little invaders feed on blood every 3 hours, which can cause terrible itching. The females live approximately 30 days, and they lay five eggs a day. The eggs hatch after ten days and the cycle starts again.

How to identify head lice?

Lice could be gray, white or light brown in color and if you take a close look, you will see that the belly is full of blood. Lice is easier to see than the nits (the eggs) and the nymphs (the baby lice) because they are bigger in size. They could be as big as a sesame seed and can be found on the scalp where they live and feed.

You would be able to notice the nits (the eggs) about a quarter of an inch from the scalp, usually found behind the ears and on the nape of the neck.  Nits are attached to individual hair strands with a glue-like substance (lice saliva), and look like tiny yellowish or brownish dots with the size of a pin head. They cannot be easily removed, unless pulled out with your fingers. After hatching, the remaining nit shell looks whitish or transparent and it’s still attached to the hair.

How do we get head lice? Does a lice infestation go away?

A lice infestation occurs when a female adult louse moves to a new head where it lays its eggs. Lice can NOT jump or fly! However, they are easily spread by personal contact or the sharing of combs, brushes, sheets and clothing. Unless properly treated and all lice and eggs are eliminated, the lice infestation will continue and will not go away on its own.

Word of caution!

If your child has lice, make sure that each member of the household gets checked as well.

After treatment we recommend:

  • Use a lice prevention spray. (Could be found at our location)
  • Wash all bedding, staffed animals and blankets in hot water and dry on the hottest setting.
  • Gather recently worn clothing and dry on hottest setting or place in sealed bag for 48 hours. (Keep in mind, lice cannot survive off the head for more than 36 hours.)
  • Vacuum your home and your car. Wipe your car seats with a safe cleanser.
  • Replace your combs and brushes or soak them in hot water. Hair accessories should also be washed or bagged for 48 hours.

Emergency lice contact after hours:

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